Apr 18

Winter Of The World

Over on my personal blog I re-read and then wrote a review of each book in the Winter of the World series.

It’s a 6 book series by Michael Scott Rohan which varies in quality and how they connect to each other. I’d recommend giving the first one a go anyway and decide what to read after that.

As well as being an Ice-Age era fantasy series there is also a Tabletop RPG and Map available. I’ll probably pick these up for the short stories and fluff included if nothing else.

Apr 18

Meeple Like Us

A while ago I found the Meeple Like Us site. I think it was also how I found CVSimulator which is a great colour blindness simulator.

It’s run by a bunch of academics and they review board games, both for the game along and then a secondary review for accessibility.

Obviously the Colour Blindness and Visual Accessibility are the most interesting to me as they directly impact me, but I always pay attention to the others too.

Well they recently launched a WordPress plugin to pull data from BoardGameGeek and their reviews.

I’ve went back and added to some of the articles here including the review of Lords of Waterdeep and intend to include in articles from now on. Need to also go over posts on personal blog to include data.

As an example of their work, here is the review of Century: Spice Road and the accessibility teardown of it.

Here’s the plugin data to show the kind of info you can get from it. If you use WordPress to write about board games I would encourage you to give the plugin a try.

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