Jun 12

Indie Game: Connectrode

Connectrode is a highly addictive indie puzzle game available from the Apple App Store.

I first discovered the game reading about Shay Pierce’s story on Gamasutra.

Connectrode Title Screen

Connectrode Title Screen

Zynga bought out OMGPOP (the company he was working for) and refused to clarify if their ridiculous contract would result in them owning the game he made in his spare time or stop him releasing any in future.

A new version has just come out to thank all those who purchased the app in support and it includes two brilliant features. The first is a new Push Mode where new chips are pushed from the bottom of the screen rendering your well laid plans obsolete whilst you wait on the correct ones coming out.

The second is the ability to change the chip colour. As someone who is colour blind I found 2 sets clashing and had to repeat something about the animation on the chips to remember but wrecked many games by placing the wrong tile down. This allows me to customise the colours and sort that problem.

Push Mode with customised colours

I seem to be doing ok.

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