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I thought it would be more amusing to extend the delay from posts. The main reason was not many new games being played in the first two weeks after last post. Over the past three weeks or so the fun new games played have been:

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Deck-Building Game was played for the first time and I thought it was quite fun. Not as good as DC Deckbuilder game though.

I managed to get another couple of games of Resistance but unfortunately some of the group made a couple of bad plays so the first two games ended 3-0 to the glorious Freedom Fighters.

At my parents one night and my two nieces were playing Happy Families. I was challenged and managed to beat them both. Yay. I’m better at kids games than children. When playing games against kids I tend to allow a bit of leeway by making a few mistakes/sub-optimal plays if they are beginners to the game but then get ruthless once they know the game. As a kid I remember the joy I had when I was finally able to beat Ben, my sort-of Great Uncle when he taught me to play Chess. But only because he had thrashed me for tens of games beforehand.

Cards Against Humanity appears to have taken over as the beginner game of choice from Fluxx at the pub. When it throws up classics like this though it can be forgiven.

Mancala is a game I hadn’t had a chance to play and it was really tricky to get going with. I have no idea the long term strategy in it and am sure there’s probably a few moves you can make where you are guaranteed to lose 10 turns later if you do them etc.

The highlight of the past few weeks of gaming though has to be DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Heroes Unite.


This works for 2-5 players and is both stand alone and can be mixed and merged with the first DC game. So far I’ve managed to play with all playable counts of players and about half the heroes enjoying them all.

There are some fantastic combos available with recursively playing the same cards again and again. In two player this can get a bit silly.

Ignoring the advice online we decided to just go ahead and mix the two games together 100%. It was stupidly fun but a total trainwreck. Flash got filtering to remove 2 vulnerabilities and then a location early which quickly snowballed into 4 locations and a minimum draw of 7 per turn. We got McCartney’d big style.

I’ll definitely be picking up the first now too.

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