1001 Video Games You Must Play Saga Begins

We are all gonna die…

Its true fact of nature that we are all gonna die soon.  Its inescapable and ultimately unavoidable unless scifi becomes sci-fact then we are basically at the mercy of death. Since the moment we are born and even if we lock ourselves in our gaming rooms and never come out we are destined to be dead, dead as a doornail.

Now we have established this known fact I can continue with my mission.  There is this handy book that us gamers and geeks can use to ensure we have played the “must play” games up till about at least the 2010’s before our goose is cooked…

“Age hasn’t been kind to some of the older entries within these pages,”

1001 Video Games…(I’m not gonna keep writing the full title, you guys get the idea)…is a book filled with memories and unconquered worlds.  Its a measure of how far games have come and how varied the medium can be.  Its also a glaring reminder that there is crap-ton of games I haven’t played yet that I missed on the first time round.

You remember being that kid right? You just got a console or computer at Christmas but you are already a year behind your chums at school.  You have 1 game with your new system, two if you have a well informed relative who immediately adds to your collection on Christmas day.  As a kid games are expensive your friends all have about 15 games each you save and save and buy your first game but not before drooling over the piles of games in your local shop.  Its a tough cross to bear but one we bore none the less.

Roll forward a decade or so? Emulation for the home pc allowing us to play all the hits of the consoles and computers of yesteryear.  I felt and still do feel like a kid in a sweet shop when I have access to whole systems back catalogues at the touch of a button (thank you modified Xbox).

Sorry I got sidetracked there now where was I? Oh yeah this book; I am going to use emulation and the consoles and computers i own to play most of these games i missed and tell you about them,  just plain outright ridicule them or maybe even retrospectively review them.  I do reserve the right to pick and choose most of the titles however I may also offer up a choice of a few and let you lot vote on which one I play next.

What I hope happens however is that we can have some fun playing some terrible or utterly brilliant games and give us all something to talk about.  I will also try and focus on the games that I didn’t get to play first time round and I will try my utmost to approach each game with an open mind.

Keep an eye out for Part 1 of the 1001 Games To Play Saga



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